17 December 2013

Managing Others: Team self-awareness

In today's post you may learn a few tips about how a better understanding of the people you work with can allow your team to best use its skills and abilities to accomplish your mission.

Know your team

One of the key aspects to good management is good team leadership, and a key aspect to good team leadership is having a good understanding of the people you work with.

Consider making a list of the people you work with along with their skills and abilities. Do they rank high or low on the skill continuum?

Then think about their attitude and motivation. How motivated are they to accomplish objectives? What is their attitude when it comes to achieving your mission? Do they rank high or low?

Sample listing of employees and primary responsibilities

Skills and Attitudes

With this analysis of your team fresh in your mind you now have the opportunity to examine which skills and attitudes best serve your mission. Try making a list of those now.

Choose your lineup wisely

You may use this list of desirable skills and abilities as a tool for hiring or recruitment. You may not always have the opportunity to put a team together, but when you do, you may find it helpful to use as a reference.

Building a team is important. There are many things to consider such as these five steps to building successful strategies:

Team ownership
Shared responsibility for success and failure
Understand costs
and how it effects the work environment
Measurable progress
What does it mean to do better?
Clear results
What can reinforce the impact of our work?
Obvious benefits
Always connect to the mission

The key message to today's post is that a successful team has good self-awareness. It is vital for the manager or supervisor to understand how each player's individual skills and attitudes will contribute to or hinder the mission.

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