10 December 2013

Managing Others: Using your mission statement to motivate others

Have you ever found yourself in charge of a team or a project? Perhaps you are responsible for managing or supervising a group of people? You may benefit from some of the information and tips in today's post.

Know your mission

Perhaps one of the first things that you will need to determine is to identify your purpose or objectives; what is your mission? The easy way to find that out is to either:

  • A: look at your organization's mission statement
  • B: ask yourself why your work is important (more on this later)
Once you know what your mission is, make sure that everyone else knows it. Put it up on the break-room wall. Put it up in your office. Make it a part of each day.


The following video will help to illustrate how asking why can move your team in the right direction.

Match your mission to each of your your team member's primary responsibilities

Your people will benefit from being matched up with tasks and responsibilities that will make the most impact for the company's mission. Try making a list of each of your employees or team members and write down in as few words as possible what their primary responsibilities are (or what they should be). You will be rewarded with a better understanding of how your people can do their best work for your organization's mission.

Sample listing of employees and primary responsibilities

Name Primary Responsibility
Maria Customer service
Carlos Social media marketing

If you lead or manage a team then it is important for everyone to know your mission. Getting everyone on the same bus will make it much easier to get to your destination. You will be rewarded with a team that is motivated to do some high quality work for a mission that they believe in. Good luck.

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