12 July 2014

Why I Paid Over A Month's Rent to Get Organized

Yesterday I endured a marathon of home organization that even Martha Stewart herself may not have been able to do. This is the story of my first experience with a professional organizer.

Why I Did It

I couldn't say that it all started with just one thing. There were several things that influenced my decision to hire a personal organizer.

  • inability to find anything that I needed at the moment that I needed it
  • stress
  • losing track of important documents (why am I still using paper documents?)
  • ignoring bills
  • being overwhelmed by all the stupid stuff in my life
  • depression

This is sad to say but I have a very strong attachment to inanimate things. Once I take in some silly little artifact of life I have a very difficult time letting it go. As a result my living space has been very cluttered. It doesn't help that I am as incompetent as a blue footed booby at playing the which-of-these-things-doesn't-belong game. It meant that my living space totally sucked to live in.

This sucky home-life experience meant an increase in stress. Yeah, I know that the space was cluttered but I didn't have the pyschic energy to deal with it effectively. It stressed me out, big time.

The stress was compounded by losing track of different documents that I needed to effectively manage my personal training business and pay my bills. That can have very serious consequences for me.

This utter failure at managing a bunch of knick-knacks also prompted me to question different things about my life. Things like,

"What kind of person allows his home to look like this?"
"If I suck at keeping an uncluttered home, what else do I suck at?"

This continued into a downward spiral of self-doubt and depression. True story.

Yes, of course, there are other things that contribute to my happiness/depression but overcoming this would be a big win for me.

At that point I knew it was time to look for a professional person that could help me with this. I had already outsourced different things like laundry, cooking, scheduling appointments, and arranging travel, why not outsource my home organization project.

How I Found A Professional Organizer

So I learned about the National Association of Professional Organizers on the internet and I used the site's find a professional tool to connect me with a short list of different professional organizers that might be able to help me. I contacted each of them and after a brief exchange of emails I decided on who I wanted to hire.

So the day finally arrives.

What We Did

We spent over nine non-stop hours working to organize my tiny one bedroom apartment. Things were cast out for donation, recycling or trash. Things were carefully grouped into bins. The entire time I was coached with organization strategies that I could use for the rest of my life.

It was a grueling experience, but an experience that I am incredibly thankful for. The work isn't finished yet, there are still a few things that I have to file and put away but this was a colossal win for me.

Here are some pictures.


before images


after images

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