24 September 2014

How I Survived My LASIK Eye Surgery

Last month I had LASIK eye surgery. This is my story.

The procedure itself was incredibly unpleasant, even after taking the Diazepam. Once I was lying on the procedure table, the surgeon started by having his cronies try to waterboard me with numbing eye drops.

Once my eyes were sufficiently absent of any sensation they proceeded to place a speculum around my eye to hold my eyelid open. Yeah that feels like it sounds.

It wasn't as bad as the suction ring that they place on the eye. It felt like the surgeon is trying to push my eyeball into the back of my skull. At this point my vision fades to black.

The next thing the surgeon does is to activate the cutting laser to open up a nice little flap. That little flap is then folded over to provide access to the part of the eye where the laser can make the adjustments to the anatomy. My vision returned soon enough to see the flap lift away.

During the very brief time that the laser is activated, my vision went from blurry to less blurry. Fascinating.

All that and the smell of burning flesh.

After the laser is turned off the surgeon replaces the flap and paints it with something, maybe an adhesive.

Repeat for the other eye.

Go home and sleep for 24 hours.

But now I've got that twinkle in my eye.

Here are a few post op pictures.

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