29 September 2014

My Interests in an Academic Graduate Program

I decided several years ago that I wanted to earn a PhD. Now I'm at the point where I'm making progress to make that a possibility. I'm defining my interests and values.

Here are my interests in an academic graduate program.

  1. Medical Anthropology
  2. Critical Medical Anthropology
  3. Interaction Of Social Environmental And Biological Factors That Influence Health
  4. Health disparities and built environment
  5. Organizational And Community Development
  6. Nonprofit Management
  7. Social Justice
  8. Housing
  9. Education
  10. Program Management

The ideal program will provide me with skills, training, and support so that I may explore my interests professionally.

My interests are predominantly in medical anthropology. Medical anthropology addresses the biological, cultural, and political-economic dimensions of health, illness, and healing historically and at present. More specifically my interest also lies in critical medical anthropology, which stresses the reflective assessment and critique of society and culture in the consideration of political economy and health, and the effect of social inequality on people's health. In my undergraduate exercise and wellness program I was introduced to the concept of the relationship between social and physical environment and health and health disparities.

The ideal program for me will support me in increasing my knowledge and skills in these areas so that I may work to improve organizational and community development or nonprofit management.

If after earning a PhD I can work to raise awareness of social justice issues, such as housing and education, and provide support to government and non-government organizations to improve policy addressing then that would make me happy.

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