06 January 2015

Rehefitness Newsletter - Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating


Very simply, to eat mindfully is to pay full attention to the experience of eating.


Why not? There are many benefits to mindfulness practice (Davis and Hayes, 2012).
  •     stress reduction
  •     boosts to working memory
  •     focus
  •     less emotional reactivity
Apply that same practice to eating and benefit from an enjoyable meal (Bays 2009).


This is actually a very easy thing to do.
Be curious and pay full attention to the meal.
Savor the intricacies of flavor and texture. Sip your coffee / tea / wine / beer / juice / etc. Pay attention to the colors, smells, and flavors. Maybe say out loud what you like about the food. Ask others what they like about the meal.
Commit to pay full attention to your meal for five minutes. See what happens.

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