03 August 2015

How I Raised $600 for Planned Parenthood Arizona

I could have easily titled this post, "How I Cut My Hair and Beard and Cried Myself to Sleep for Weeks Afterward" but the truth is that I recently underwent a project to practice philanthropy. At this point I closely resembled a Jesus and many of my friends, family, and colleagues regularly commented for me to "Stop being a god damn hippie and cut your hair." Inspired by the film "Mansome" I decided to drastically change my personal appearance and advocate on behalf of a nonprofit.

photo by K.L. on Flickr

I chose Planned Parenthood Arizona because I could relate to its mission:

Planned Parenthood Arizona promotes and protects every person’s freedom and right to enjoy sexual health and well-being, to make reproductive choices, and build healthy, strong families.

And as I would later learn, had benefited directly from their work.

Six hundred dollars may not be a whole lot of money for an organization that has over $12 million in revenue but I'm glad that I got to do my part, raise a little bit of money, and engage people in a conversation about health and wellness.

Check out the Tumblr site I set up to track the fundraising progress here: http://shearchoice.tumblr.com/

Donate to Planned Parenthood AZ here: http://shearchoice.tumblr.com/donate

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